My story is still being written

Hi there, my name is Beau. I'm a LGBTQ Advocate, Entrepeneur & Creator of the Knoxville LGBTQ Friendly Business Directory.  I live in Eastern Tennessee. I have been a member of the LGBTQ community here for over 23 yrs.

Over the years my friends would ask me questions about LGBTQ support groups, nonprofits, housing options, mental health providers, all types of questions. If I did not know the answer I most likely knew someone who did, or I would research to find the best answer.

Providing support and information brought me to my calling of helping people. 

LGBTQ Advocate

I have served on several boards, panels, & committees in Knoxville, East and Southern Tennessee.

I've been a guest speaker for college classes on mindfulness and inclusion in the workplace. I've helped organize LGBTQ events. 

Currently I am advising local LGBTQ resource groups to promote inclusion and acceptance. 

I will participate in anything that I feel will help our community. 

I don't work with any one group. I say, "I work for the greater good."

Support & Resources

 I speak to people that seek me out, via Facebook messenger, email, text message, what have you. I help people find resources but also talk to them to help some understand the struggles of the LGBTQ community.

 For example, a grandparent with a grandchild who was coming out, an adult coming out late in life, a homeless person needing resources. I try to lift people up, set them softly on the security of a pillow of my words. Sometimes all someone needs is a listening ear. 

In talking to people, I have been fortunate to learn about different programs, groups, organizations, and all sorts of resources I can use to help the next person I speak too. 

I am truly honored to be able to share this information. 

Mental Health

In speaking to people I feel one of the main causes of depression is the feeling of isolation. People believe they are alone, no one can understand what they are going through, which can have terrible outcomes. 

In my experience depression lies to us. None of what it says is true. There are other people like you, there is support. Please reach out before you act on your depression thoughts. (LINK to list of Mental Health Resources and Helplines)

Small Business Consultant

As a Small Business Consultant, I love to help your business grow. I will assist you in learning to do things yourself versus doing them for you. This is very empowering as many of us have untapped skills. I know building my website was something I never imagined I could do. Also working with social media, I have learned some tricks of the trade that I'm happy to share.  


As an Entrepeneur, I have built a business on my network of social media contacts. I created the Knoxville LGBTQ Friendly Business Directory which can be found on my website at Knox LGBT Businesses

I have over 700 listing of LGBTQ Friendly Businesses but also support groups and resources. I've had so many requests to add other cities and states to my lists that I will be expanding.

My goal here was to make this information searchable and sharable. No one should have trouble finding the help that they need.