Facebook Mentions Your Business Page in a Post is a Scam

WATCH FOR FAKE MENTIONS ON FACEBOOK: My main social media platform is Facebook. I have my own pages and also manage some nonprofit pages. Our pages get tagged, mentioned or get a messaged from a Fake Facebook security account at least once a week. Here is some info I was sharing about the latest notice I received.  

WHAT THE NOTICE LOOKS LIKE: If you ever see a notice like this on a page that you manage, please remember that this is a scam. Facebook only communicates with you via email or by notifications. The "bell" that will be at the top of your facebook page on a desktop or at the bottom on a cell phone. It may vary just look for the Bell.  

FACEBOOK ONLY COMMUNICATES VIA NOTICES OR EMAIL: Facebook will not mention you. Facebook will not tag you in a post, Facebook will not send you a message in your messenger. Those are all scam attempts. Don't fall for it.   

HOW TO FIGURE OUT ITS FAKE: If at any time you wonder if something is legitimate copy the name of the page. Then do a Google search for it. I looked up "account update safe" mentions my business page on Facebook. The fourth result search down says "scam alert" Facebook phishing attack. 

IS IT A REAL PAGE WITH FOLLOWERS AND A USERNAME? Another way to tell when something is a scam is the page will not have any followers or typically a username. This "Account Update Safe" has neither.  

UNTAG YOUR PAGE AND REPORT IT: Normally, what I would do is go to the post and untag the page that is mentioned. I can also report the profile as fake. If possible, I will block it too. 

FACEBOOK IS REMOVING THESE: On this occasion Facebook beat me to it and removed the mention. It isn't always the case, but the social media platform seems to be doing better. 

I hope everybody is having a great Monday. 


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