Facebook Guest Messaging My Business Page 

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Facebook Guest Messaging My Business Page

January 14, 2024, Beau Knowles LGBT  I manage my own social media pages and those of some of my clients. As I learn information about social media, I like to share it. Today I'm talking about "Facebook Guest Messages". A message came from a Facebook Guest to one of my business pages. The message contains what it said was an "Important Notification " this is a scam.

What is a Facebook Guest

Facebook  Business Help Center Says  a Facebook Guest is a "Temporary accounts that can receive messages for up to 24 hours from the first message, or when the guest user chooses to end the chat, whichever comes first.:  Learn more about Facebook Guests by visiting the Facebook Business Help Center https://www.facebook.com/business/help/925702697860930

What the Guest notice looks like

Are Facebook Guest Profiles Real

It is a GUEST profile which doesn't have s profile attached to it. To me this is not real but the scam will be. I'm not sure why Facebook is allowing these. The message says, "important notification" and then proceeds to tell me how fake complaint was filed. 

Is this a Scam

Yes, this is a scam. You will see that these messages come in typically very early in the morning. It may be 5 am in your time zone but in a scammers time zone it could be 8pm. 

Scammers want you to go to their website to give them your personal information so they can steal your identity or scam you out of money.  On this message there is a weblink to a complaint where it wants me to verify my information. NEVER click on these links. This is FAKE. Facebook only sends you notices directly to your notifications or via email. You will not receive a message about a complaint, or an Alert related to Facebook Security. 

When a Facebook Guest Sends Scam Messages

Facebook Guest Profiles are supposed to help a business reach a non-Facebook user but so far in my experience I've only seen it used for scam purpose. I am labeling these as "SPAM". 

Can You Block These Guest Pages

 I find that because this is a guest, that disappears in 24 hrs, I don't have the ability to block the profile. Which is what I would normally do with the messages from an individual. Facebook Business Help Center says it will have an option for blocking Guest accounts but it's not available in all areas yet.  You can read more about it on their website here.  https://www.facebook.com/business/help/1343862509336154

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