How to restrict a Country from seeing your Facebook Business Page

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How to Restrict a Country from seeing your Facebook Business Page

Update, May 7, 2024  I haven't received any new scam messages. 

How to Restrict a Country from seeing your Facebook Business Page, Beau Knowles LGBT April 29, 2024  

I love using Facebook to create content, promote my businesses or just keep up with my friends. What I don't like is when I get spam messages from fake "Meta Security, Community Standards or Compliance Center" telling me that I have broken some rule and that I should go to the provided, fake link, to update my information. This is very much a scam. Never click that link. 

Facebook Always contacts me via notifications

I find Facebook will only send you a community standards violation, or other warnings in your Notifications (bell) icon. Additionally it's been my experience that Facebook can email you related to activity or a different log in location on your account. 

How do scammers find me? 

I have wondered how these scam pages have found me. Is there a criteria they follow? I'm not sure. I have looked up "what countries to Facebook scammers come from. I'm seeing Western Africa - Nigeria, Ghana, Benin - and India. I've helped several clients after being hacked on Facebook. We found their hackers were from Nigeria. I've seen enough television programs on the "Nigerian Facebook Love Scam", I think Nigeria is where I will begin my country restriction journey.. Below are instructions on how I restricted the country that can find my pages. Since I am not and international business. This will not affect me.

Instructions for Country Restriction using a Laptop

Facebook is a good platform if you are a beginner at social media marketing. It is easy to navigate but Facebook has updated its pages and features so many times it can be hard to figure out how to change a feature. 

How's it going? 

I just did this so I don't know about the success yet. I run several Facebook Business "Assets", one of those receives a scam message every 3 days. I will update this article in 3 days. 

Facebook Article on Restricting a Country

Here is a related Facebook Article ab out restricting a country.  Information would be found in Facebook Help Center

Last Words

Facebook is a good platform if you are a beginner at social media marketing.  Sometimes what you need to be successful is easy to find sometimes you need a helping hand or keyboard. 

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