How to Create your Business Target Market

How to Create your Business Target Market

November 2023 Beau Knowles LGBT Working online I have learned ways that will help me work smarter not harder. One of those is setting up a google voice account. 

I have the app on my android phone, you can use it on smart phone. I'm using the app now but when I began the account I logged in on my laptop.



LOG INTO GOOGLE ACCOUNT:  It will ask you for your google account. It doesn't have to be a Gmail it can be for YouTube or other google services.

CREATE ONE iF YOU DON'T HAVE ONE: You can create a google account if you don't already have one.

PERSONAL OR BUSINESS: The first screen will ask you what you are using GOOGLE VOICE FOR? I chose Personal Use, the for Business use charges a fee. iF you are using the account occasionally I would stick to Personal, you can always change to Business later.


PICK A GOOGLE NUMBER: It will then instruct you to pick a google phone number. Press search.  You need to pick one that is your local area code or the area code you are working in, for example I have some business contacts in North Carolina. In the future I may set up an online business in the area, if I do that, I will want to use a local number. I looked for one that was easy to remember. 

IF YOU DON'T SEE ONE: Give it a day or 2 then check again. This is how I found a number that fit my needs. 

VERIFY YOUR NUMBER WITH GOOGLE: Once you have picked a number it will ask you to  verify your number. You will need a separate phone for the next part. Google Voice will TEXT A CODE to finish up the registration process. This can be a cellphone or a land line. You will be given a code that you need to enter to continue the process of setting up your account. Once you enter the code the account is active.

Youtube Video on How to Use Google Voice

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