How to make sure your Facebook messenger is on for your business page

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How to make sure your messenger is on for your Facebook Business page

April 29, 2024 Beau Knowles LGBT If you find that your business, nonprofit or community page can no longer receive messages from other pages you may need to check to make sure that your messaging is on. Somehow in all the fun (sarcasm) Facebook Updates my messaging has been turned off. I can not message a business from my business or community profiles.

Why do you want to receive messages? 

This one I definitely want on because I want clients to be able to message me. My pages come up on search engines that are not related to Facebook. That's great marketing. i would be missing an opportunity by not having my messenger on. 

Step by step instructions for turning on messaging on a laptop

Here are my instructions for  turning on messaging for your Business or Community Profiles. 

How's it going? 

I'm still working on this. I manage Facebook pages and have my own. Finding these little glitches can be a full time job. 

Facebook Article on Turning on Messenger on Business Pages

Here is a related Facebook Article Turning messenger on for your Facebook pages.   Thia information would be found in Facebook Help Center

Facebook Asked for Feedback on it's Help Center New Features

Facebook Asking for my feedback as I was copying a link to reference on my website. The question was " did the article in the help center help me acheive my goals. I said "I have just started using the help center. i normally look on google for an answer.

I feel the Facebook business and community pages are moving in a better direction. I like that you all have changed the settings to a search bar, that makes it easier to find what I'm looking for versus scrolling down pages until I find it. Good job. 

My biggest complaint currently is the scam pages messaging my pages. But I have just set up country restriction so i am hoping that if they can't find me they can't message me. 

I'm sure you are hearing a lot about the new meta search bar. Being a blogger, I understand clicks inside a website, so I get that you want to keep your website visitors on you page versus them going to a competitor such as google for searching. 

Still, it's cumbersome currently because I do not want to search for other things. I only want to search for my groups and friends so I can continue my happy little Facebook Content creator life. But I understand progress is progress and if we are not advancing than someone else will. 

Thanks for the platform to say all that. Please tell your AI wife and children I said hello. :) Beau Knowles lgbt"

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