Writing Your Story with tiktoker AbbyGracefully 

Writing your story

This is a reply to a TIKTOK on writing a story about friendship: 11/17/2022

Today we find AbbyGracefully sitting in her car, drinking a Frappe and imagining how different her life could be with a friend. The next day Abby goes into the coffee shop because she has a question about her gift card. She sees a flyer on the window about live music at the shop. Even though she's not sure she wants to hang out with people she doesn't know, she decides to try it. The day of the live music she's nervous but wants to try to go out more. However, she gets the time wrong and finds herself there before the other people. As she turns to go someone says, "are you here for the performance?" Abby says yes and turns around to see the performer with guitar in hand. 

I will have to find the link to the orginial story. 

If anyone would like to write this story with me just sent me an email. Beau