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Google Changed it's Algorithm Sept 2023

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Updated May 7, 2024

In 2021 I began to build a directory website of lgbtq friendly businesses. I felt it was something that was needed as not every business is friendly to the lgbtq community. I offered the list to the public, it is searchable on Google and other search engines. The businesses are added through reviews, referrals, researchar and they request to be added. I built the website on google sites. I have learned analityics and search console to optimize my efforts to have the website found by search engines. I have not learned to write code yet but I have code added to the website as well. 

Google Changes it's Algorithm

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In Fall of 2023 Google changed their search algorithm, wanting more original content from websites. If you have done any searches lately on Google you have seen that your search result is formatted differently. There is not only the previous website but also videos and other articles.

Article by CMS Wire State of "SEO: Google Search Algorithm Updates for Q4 2023"

text reads SEO: Google Search Algorithm Updates for Q4 2023 by Michelle Hawley, share, Google releases it's Novermber 2023 Core Algorithm Upate, a news helpful contnet update can demote (and promote) webpages and more Seo news.

I did many searches to try to find answers to help me navigate these new requirements from Google.  The Article titled "State of SEO: Google Search Algorithm Updates for Q4 2023" by Michelle Hawley CMS Wire has been the most helpful.

This is a large article; the newer updates can be confusing. The section I originally read was " "Google’s September 2023 Helpful Content Update" What I take from it is that when I am creating content the information should be original. The information cannot be a copy of an already existing website. Some of the questions Google said to ask yourself:" Is it helpful, people-first content? Questions such as: "Does the content provide original information, reporting, research or analysis? Does the page title provide a descriptive, helpful summary of the content? Would you expect to see this content referenced by a printed magazine or book? Is the content mass produced and outsourced to a large number of creators?" This includes AI content, it appears ranking will be lower if it's AI created. 

What I'm doing on my websites

This is not a bad thing for me, I had already started reviewing businesses as early as 2021. To keep up with the new search criteria I'm changing the directory websites from lists to individual pages. Each business gets its own page with a Unique Title Name.

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Each business will be visible on the original list but will also have a page with a new title, such as the Boocherie's. This will help it come up easier in a search. Also a happy accident is if anyone looks for your business name "____ lgbtq friendly" my website will come up first. Even before the business' Google business page profile. 

Riding the SEO Change Wave

I've worked hard to create this website. Though I have taken time to learn to do it myself I'm glad that I can create new pages and change it quickly when requirements change.

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