Why is Facebook inviting me to be a group admin? 

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Why is Facebook inviting me to be a group admin of a group I didn't create? 

Screen shot of a Facebook Invite to be a Facebook Group Admin. I did not own the group. 

Facebook Group Admin Invite

FACEBOOK MARKETING VIA ADMIN INVITE: Beau Knowles LGBT December 11, 2023 Facebook is on my s*** list again. A group I'm a member of is inviting me to be an admin. Something Facebook has started doing the last few months. Let me break this down for you and explain why I would not want this for a group that I own. 

Why is Facebook inviting people to be an admin of your group? This normally happens if the Facebook team, AI or otherwise thinks you or other admins are not active on the group. Facebook groups are communities. Facebook wants them to be engaging. Think about it, we talk to each other through our groups, we share information, offer support and some of us with businesses sell products and services. A community will not be as active without a visible and present admin/leader.

Who is Facebook inviting to be an admin of your group? They must be a member of the group. I'm seeing that many are already admins of other groups. This is how I have been invited to be an admin to groups that I did not create. 

How to avoid this? To my knowledge there's no way to block Facebook from inviting people to join your admin team.  However this only seems to happen when a group is inactive. I would suggest, keeping your group up to date with new information. Make posts regularly. You can set up your post to automatically post up to 2 months in advance. Keep your group up to date. That should take care of the problem. 

How do I know this is Facebook and not an admin inviting me? I had accepted a few of these invites before I realized it was not the admin inviting me. Notice it does not say a person, group owner or other admin invited me. That's how I know that this is Facebook doing it.

What if you have already accepted being an admin? You can message an admin to ask them if it okay you to be an admin.

What if Facebook invites someone to be an admin to your group that you own and they accept? You can choose to remove them as an admin. Or you can make them a moderator which doesn't have as much control of your group as an admin does. 

What would it matter if you have extra admins? This is completely different in Business groups than it is in Social groups. Social groups it may help to have more admins. An additional admin in a social group may be able to bring a new perspective and engagement with the members. They may ask new questions and share new experiences. Just be careful with whom you trust to be your admins. An admin can change anything about your group, even delete your group if they so choose. They can also remove other admins including the owner from the group and block their request to be added back.

Business-wise, same as above, a new admin can alter your group, they can also remove you as an admin even if you own the group. I have witnessed the theft of an online Facebook sales group firsthand. It was stolen from the original owner, who was removed from the group by a new admin. The group info was changed. Thousands of dollars in sales will be lost and none of the 6,000 members were aware of the change in ownership. All thanks to Facebook. So far I haven't discovered a way to gain a group back. No thief is going to give back something that is making them a profit.

Check your groups to see if you have new admins, I'm not aware that you, the owner will receive a notification of a new admin. Post frequently to avoid this, unless you are not using the group then you may choose to delete it. Facebook is a marketing platform. We sign up with free accounts and then Facebook uses our information to market products and services to us.  There are rules but as we have seen Facebook changes them. 

The Sony music notice is story for another day.  Beau Knowles

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