How to create a username for your Facebook Profile or Business Page

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How to create a Username for your Facebook Profile or Business Page

April 29, 2024 Beau Knowles LGBT Facebook is a good platform if you are a beginner at social media marketing. It is easy to navigate but Facebook has updated its pages and features frequently. Many times it can be hard to figure out how to change your information. 

Why create a Username? 

I recently updated the usernames on all my community and business profiles. Why create a username? It's my experience if I don't create username its harder for my page to come up when it's mentioned by an individual or a business. You can only use and @ symbol to mention a business on Facebook if it has a username. Also, you want to keep your username safe from another person using it. If you only have your company name on your page but not on your username another business, or entity can take the username you wanted. If you have already created a brand it may cost you to update your information. 

Step by step instructions for creating a username on a laptop

Here are my instructions for creating a username for your business, nonprofit, community etc. 

While you are at these pages you may chose to update your page name as well. Facebook should let you change it as long as another page is not already using it. 

How's it going? 

I was able to update all my usernames to match the page names. If I found a username was already in use I changed the order of the words or put a (.) in between them. 

Facebook Article on Changing Username

Here is a related Facebook Article about your username.  Thia information would be found in Facebook Help Center

Last Words

Facebook is a good platform if you are a beginner at social media marketing.  Sometimes what you need to be successful is easy to find sometimes you need a helping hand or keyboard. 

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