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Episode 10: Beau Knowles (  Episode 10: Beau Knowles  October 27, 2021

"It's October y'all! Welcome to Episode 10 of Empowering Appalachia! This episode is chock full of resources for Knox local folks, specifically for our LGBTQIA folks locally. You're gonna meet Beau Knowles and if you know anything about the webpages that catalog local LGBTQIA businesses, then you probably already know Beau. But you'll meet her here, learn a bit of her story and hear how she is empowering all the LGBTQIA folks of Appalachia.

You can reach Beau at

From Beau: " I've built websites to offer affordable support to businesses & resources to bring the lgbtqia+ community together. I help small businesses navigate social media, create hastags and marketing plans. I also host workshops via zoom. Courses such as lgbtq leadership, non-profit strategies, vision board building, and small business support. #beauknowleslgbt

Additionally I created a businesses and resources directory website to go along with my Facebook business groups established in 2013, Knoxville LGBT Friendly Owned and Operated Businesses. This website currently houses the Knoxville and East TN LGBT Directory as well. The webpages will have a calendar of events and news sections. I am assisting Knox Pride with their Community Resources, as well as other groups in Knoxville and surrounding areas. Please send events and press releases to  #knoxlgbtbusinesses #knoxlgbtdirectory #easttnlgbt #easttnlgbtbusinesses #easttndirectory #knoxpride 

 I do have a buy me coffee account or you can ask how to sponsor one of my directory websites."

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