Koi Classes

The Koi Fish Represents Good Fortune & Luck

I offer what I call "Koi classes" not only tailored to fit your interests but also taught by someone who has extensive experience in breaking down subjects. 

This can be a one-on-one Zoom meeting or group meeting, 

or you can watch a subscriber only YouTube Video. 

In Japan the Koi

The koi fish can many many things. To me it is my symbol for Harmony fortune and family. My classes bring all these things together. 

In Japan the Koi symbolizes luck, good fortune, prosperity and perseverance in the face of adversity.

Read more about Koi Symbolism on Wikipedia Koi here

What would you like to learn? 

What would you like to learn? What is lgbtqia+? 

How to be a leader in an LGBTQ community? 

 How to set up a business Facebook

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