Creating the Knox Chalk Car

"Knox Chalk Car- Knoxville's Inclusive Chalkboard Paint Car"

A purple car in a parade with flowers on top of it, sign on car says "Knox Chalk Car". Smiling blonde haired woman in car makes a thumbs up guesture.

Knox Chalk Car in Knoxville's Pride Parade Sept 30, 2022

Many know me as a lgbtq advocate and owner of this Knoxville LGBTQ Friendly Business Directory however I also own the #KnoxChalkCar. 

The Knox Chalk Car is funky little Chalkboard Paint Car in East Tennessee. We park the car at festivals, parties and on the street so people can draw on it.  If you have an opinion this is the time to write it on the car. We make YouTube, TikTok and Facebook reels videos from the art left on the car.

I painted my first car in 2018, the car was hand-me-down vehicle from my parents who had stated "they wanted me to drive a dependable car, as my love of old cars had often landed my car in the repair shop". The new car a Honda was gray. On a whim I decided to paint the car a different color. Being innovative I decided to paint the car myself. After researching how to paint a car. I came upon a story about a schoolteacher who painted her car with chalkboard paint then let her students draw on it. In the decision to paint the car I also decided to use chalk board paint to match my fingernail polish verses going with the standard black chalkboard paint. The first car, a Honda Element, was a Turquoise Blue. The next one, a Honda Civic is OPI Sassy Violet.

Once I painted the first car I found it fun to leave the chalk out at the park to let people draw on the car. I received great response from anyone that drew on the car. Once again on a whim I thought to share the car at a festival. I painted the car in June 2019. I had heard that Maryville TN was going to have a pride festival. I asked the organizers if I could bring our chalkboard car. During that communication we decided to park the car in the Children's section of the festival. IThat event Blount Pride Festival was our first festival of any sort. We were there all day,  Children did draw on the car but also did adults. At that event I decided to that since we were an Autism and Rainbow family, that the mission of our car would be to promote INCLUSION, ACCEPTANCE and DIVERSITY.

Where to see us

2024 Knox Chalk Car at SoKno Pride


2022: Pride Picnic Lgbt+ in Cleveland, TN Blount Pride in Maryville TN , SoKno Pride in South Knoxville TN, in the Knox Pride Parade, parked in front of South Press Coffee or parked at a park, or at a shopping center.

2021 Knox Chalk Car at South Side Pride this event became SoKno Pride

2019 1st event Blount Pride 

Knox Chalk Car at SoKno Pride 2023

Ways you can help

NVITES: Please invite us to your events. Email me at

FOLLOWERS: Though the car was created in 2018, after the 2019 summer season we were before we could begin 2020 as most of the world we were safer at home.

Followers help us get sponsors for maintenance of the car and travel expenses. This is our Facebook page, we post Facebook Reels and photos of things people have drawn on the car. I would love to get 1000 followers on this page. Knox Chalk Car

This is our Tiktok page. We make videos from the art that is drawn on the car. I try very hard to make all the videos positive vibes and pg 13. I have 17,600 views on my hashtag but only about 80 followers.

YOUTUBE CHANNEL: I have just started building our youtube channel. Social media is such a learning curve for us old people. lol

WEBSITE: I created a website for the car. I've added Autism resources section to the website which I hope to build on.

FACEBOOK GROUP: I created a facebook group to share photos of the car and positive posts. Knox Chalk Car Fan Club

PATREON-ISH: As all this was new to me I didn't realize that I should be added photos and videos to our donations page. I have recently started adding photos to the Gallery section. There is a Membership section to receive email updates on our posts and journey, a Wish list and Commissions section. I can draw messages on the car if you aren't available to draw on it yourself and have done decent copies of logos.

In the end the car has been a fun adventure that turned into a mission. We would like this journey to continue far into the future.

Knox Chalk Car

Beau Knowles

Phone 865-236-0521

PO Box 22081 Knoxville TN 37933

Knox Chalk Car following the Oakridge Pflag Float in the Knoxville Pride Parade September 2022

Knox Chalk Car at SoKno Pride June 2022

Purple car with silver honda logo rainbow flag drawing on car says "Blount Pride"

Knox Chalk Car at Blount Pride July 2022

Thank you for visiting. See you again soon. ~Beau