Get Pronouns Right 

Use the Right Pronouns

size with text what My pronouns are

My advice on how to get a person's pronouns right. This is my pronoun thread I wrote for a Facebook group. As an LGBTQ advocate, I often speak with people that ask my pronouns. (My lovely mother a masculine French name but it's ok because I love to answer this question.

To me when someone asks your pronouns they really mean "I am going to share my pronouns with you but first I would like to know yours?" It also means. "I would like you to respect my pronouns". For me it's always a positive experience. 

I Imagine a Dance

Television screen man bowing to woman

When i describe asking pronouns to someone I say, "Imagine you are asking someone to dance is the medieval days. You bow to them and say " May I have this dance?" They bow as well, then say "Yes." 

Imagine bowing, "May I ask your pronouns?" They say "Yes." 

If You Aren't Sure Ask

question mark

If ever you find you want to speak to someone, but you aren't sure how to address them I find saying something kind like "Sweetheart what are your pronouns? " Works. I know sweetheart is silly for those of you that are younger, but I can get away with things like that as I'm over 50.  :)  Maybe something else like "Friend what are your pronouns," or honesty might be the best bet, "Hi I want to talk to you, but can I ask your pronouns? " 

Just remember pronouns are good. Why not show people respect and kindness? What could it hurt?  

Hi, what are your pronouns? ~Beau Knowles #beauknowleslgbt