What Non Binary Means to Me

Non Binary

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Beau Knowles LGBT 

Updated May 3, 2024

Talking about nonbinary and what it means to me. I'm not non binary but because I'm an lgbtq advocate people ask me questions they might not ask just anyone off of the street. I'm happy to help people understand a different way of thinking than their own way. Here is what I can share about non binary. 

I have made a Youtube video about what nonbinary means to me. Creating videos helps my followers get a better understanding of what I'm saying.  Thank you for watching. ~Beau Knowles 

Non Binary Defined

Non Binary defined by the Human Rights Campaign in their "glossary of Terms" article. "An adjective describing a person who does not identify exclusively as a man or a woman. Non-binary people may identify as being both a man and a woman, somewhere in between, or as falling completely outside these categories."  https://www.hrc.org/resources/glossary-of-terms

Non binary is considered under the transgender, gender identity umbrella. The Human Rights campaign has an article on thst too titled, "Transgender and Non Binary People FAQ"  https://www.hrc.org/resources/transgender-and-non-binary-faq

My research

A article that I read from "Minus18" Titled "I just came out as non-binary, here is what that means." This young person talks about learning about non binary, what it means, how they feel, learning pronouns, gender language, and other important things to learn if you want to respect someone and show them that you accept them. I think this article is well written. It's been pivotal in helping me understand non binary better. https://www.minus18.org.au/articles/i-just-came-out-as-non-binary-here's-what-that-means

My Youtube Video

YouTube Video Beau Knowles LGBT "Talking about Non Binary and What that means to me" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vFWOgEUNnlw

Additional Information

My article "Use the Right Pronouns" My advice on how to get a person's pronouns right. This is my pronoun thread I wrote for a Facebook group. As an LGBTQ advocate, I often speak with people that ask my pronouns. (My mother accidently gave me a masculine French name verses the Feminine version. It's ok though because I love to answer this question about what my pronouns are? 


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