Everyone could use a helping hand

If you are on this page then you know I am a busy person, going about my life doing good things, helping people. 

Good things don't cost anything but time. However, Gas, Utilities and Housing do. 

Please see my donation options below. ~Thank you 

Donation Options

KO-FI Is the original Buy Me a Coffee tip option. It allows you to tip a someone without a membership. You can use your email and a credit card to make a one time donation. You can buy a onetime "coffee ", multiple cups or become a Fan via Membership which will allow you to support the Ko-fi member with a monthly automatic donation. Ko-Fi uses Pay Pal as it's payment process service. Paypal takes Venmo, Debit Cards and Credit Cards. 

Monthly Memberships

Tip Options

Cashapp $BeauKnowles

Cash App donations made without a Description will be blocked. Money will not be refunded. I don't believe in accidental payments but i do believe in Cashapp scams. (Article Coming soon on this subject.)

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